This section contains examples of my writing skills. I take a comprehensive approach to writing, considering each rhetorical element to create documents that are reader friendly, clear, logical, and concise. I have incredible attention to detail and am precise and thorough in every assignment. I take time to think critically about each piece to achieve the best possible result.

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This is a proposal to write a report for The Camera Shoppe, a fictional company that wishes to upgrade their equipment. Report Proposal

This is a progress report on the report proposal.

Progress Report

A short report for The Camera Shoppe. I organized the report according to proposal standards, and used images to make the document more interesting and visually appealing.

Final Report

A memo telling a customer that their requested item is no longer available. I tell the reader plainly the situation in the first sentence, but counter the negative information with the improved features of the new model. I also a discount for the customer and direct them to the company website to encourage them to browse other options. I leave with a message of goodwill to the customer. Bad News Memo

A memo telling employees that a company wellness center is open. The opening paragraph tells the reader what the memo is about right away. The information is organized so that the most appealing information comes first, and the negative information (the cost) is pillowed in positive information.  Good News Memo

Instructions on how to register for classes at Southwestern Michigan College. The document is aimed at current students who already have a student account. I give directions in sequential order and in the most direct and clear language possible. I also use clearly labeled images to illustrate the steps. Instructions

This is a proposal memo from an employee to superiors suggesting the creation of a company website. The memo begins with an intriguing statistic to drag the reader in and immediately make them want to take action. The bulleted information highlights the options that could be taken and the memo ends with an appeal to take action.

  Persuasive Memo

A rejection email telling an applicant that his book has been declined for publication. I cushion the rejection with a message of goodwill saying how his application was appreciated. This is followed by encouragement to keep seeking publication.

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